Social Media harms our child in multiple ways and most of these effects are well documented (Click here to read). One way in which Social Media silently harms is through an extremely dangerous phenomenon called Filter Bubble. You can visit the Wikipedia page or watch a Ted Talk on it.

Social Media platforms which are designed to profile us and show us content which we are more likely to consume. So, if child is watching toons, he/she is shown toons only and if child happens to click on a gaming video, the technology platforms will inundate him/her with gaming videos.

These platforms are typecasting our children and even if their profile of your child is incorrect, they will still make your child into that stereotype by showing that content. This is extremely dangerous for mental development of a child.

But there is a potent weapon in your hand to burst the ‘filter bubble’. And you are holding it.

Kaizen MicroLessons carry a YouTube link in most of the lessons. When you click on these links, not Social Media profiles you as an inquisitive learner and starts showing content accordingly.

It takes 7-10 days for Kaizen Lessons to change YouTube feed of your phone. This radically changes the relation your child has with Social Media. The technology which was harming your child, is not his greatest learning partner. For more on this, watch the video below