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Kaizen Inner Circle Launch Pad

Kaizen Inner Circle – LaunchPad is for students who have completed their classes in the last 60 days. LaunchPad is where they share their exercises with their peers and encourage each other to do better with each program. Once students … Read More

Collaborate and Create

  You have a great idea and you want to build a great team to crack the problem. Share your idea here and see if anyone gets excited enough to join your team.

Notice Board for notifications of Kaizen Lessons

Notice Board

Follow this space for latest information/notifications from Kaizen Lessons The Kaizen Inner Circle Exercise is live now. Let’s see who draws the first blood You can access them at Scratch Inner Circle Exercises

Scratch Inner Circle Exercises

Hello Students, Watch this video. This is the exercise for the Inner Circle of this week. And it’s different from anything we have done thus far. Today, we will be creating a puzzle that needs to be unpuzzled. The base … Read More