What is Kaizen MicroLessons?

Kaizen is a Japanese principal which stand for small, continuous and consistent improvement. At Kaizen MicroLessons, we believe the same principles can be applied to the Child’s Learning. Parent will get 2 small lessons delivered right into the WhatsApp Inbox. … Read More

How will my child benefit from it?

At Kaizen, parent will get 2 Lessons each day delivered right into their WhatsApp account. These lessons will be age specific and are designed to develop Language and Expression Logical Reasoning Scientific Temper Inquisitiveness, to name a few Also, most … Read More

Social Media is harming my Child: How can save my child from it?

Social Media harms our child in multiple ways and most of these effects are well documented (Click here to read). One way in which Social Media silently harms is through an extremely dangerous phenomenon called Filter Bubble. You can visit … Read More

What is the cost of Kaizen MicroLessons?

While Annual Subscription of Kaizen MicroLessons costs 999, it saves much more than that. Let’s understand typical bucket of extracurricular study material of a child from Class LKG to Class VI. On an average, every year, an aware mother (let’s … Read More