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Ritvik Maini

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Things you should never say to your children

Things you should never say to your children Parents have numerous responsibilities and one of them is to choose their words carefully. Your word choice may change a child’s world view or can help him develop his confidence and morals. … Read More

Things you should never do before your children

Being a parent we all want to give the best to our children. Parents do hard work to fulfil their children’s needs, whether it’s about their education at city’s best school or buying the best things for their living. Parents … Read More

How to teach your child self discipline?

Research and Mental health studies suggest that a kid`s level of self-control and self-discipline, at a young age can predict how successful and happy he will be in his future.   Teaching self-discipline to kids becomes one of the most … Read More

How to spot & prevent depression in a child?

Children often face difficulties to deal with their bad experiences. Bad scores in exams, falling out with friends and being lovesick for the first time are some of the reasons. We, as an adult can figure out many ways to … Read More

How to read faster and retain more?

Are you fond of reading books? Do you want to gain more knowledge in less time? If yes, then it is actually your enthusiasm which is pushing you in a very good way. But on the other hand, you are … Read More

How to prevent your child from doing silly mistakes?

Mistakes are the natural elements of our life, which makes us earn the most important chapters, but over repeating it can waste our time and harm the learning process. Our children often do mistakes, because their mind is still in … Read More

How to make your child more creative?

Albert Einstein’s mother always wanted him to learn violin, which he never liked in the beginning. But later he discovered his love for Mozart and classical music. Once he revealed that his theory of relativity was a musical thought. This … Read More

How to deal with your teenage child

Little children give you headache, bigger children give you heartache. Do you get hurt and worried, whenever your conversation with your teenage child goes the wrong way?  Your child used to value your words, but now the simple conversation between … Read More