Watch the video given below and then answer the questions





Q1 – What is the blind man wearing on his eyes?

Q2 – What colour is the dove?

Q3 – What did the dove do to save the ant?

Q4 – What is the man in the image holding?

Q5 – What is the man who came to kill the dove called?


Q6 – If 12 doves were sitting on a tree and the hunter killed 4 of them, then how many doves are left on the tree?


Q7 – There were 10 ants wandering on a tree. If 4 of them fell into the water then how many were left on the tree?












A1 – Sunglasses

A2 – White

A3 – It dropped a leaf in the water near the ant.

A4 – A Rifle

A5 – A Hunter

A6 – 8 (12-4)

A7 – 6 (10-4)

Activity Time

Have you ever helped anyone? If not start today. Go and help your mother in the kitchen.

Remember, every good deed you do for others, will surely come back to you. 


Happy Learning

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