Watch the video given below and then answer the questions


Q1 – Name the things that you see on the table.


Q2 – Name at-least three colours that you see in the picture.

Q3 – What is the baby of a cow called?

Q4 – Where did the dog go to find food?

Q5 – What did the dog find to eat in the butcher’s shop?

 Q6 – If the dog found 1 bone of chicken, 3 bones of lamb and 5 bones of pork, then how many bones did he collect in total?

 Q7 – The dog took 12 bones from the butcher’s shop and he buried 5 of them to eat later. How many bones did he have with him?

Activity Time – What did you learn today?

Discuss with your parents, how greed can affect your life adversely and ask them if they can tell you a story about it.










A1 – A lamp and a cup.

A2 – Yellow, Green, Brown, Red, Black.

A3 – A calf.

A4 – The butcher’s shop.

A5 – A bone.

A6 – 9 (1+3+5)

A7 –  7 (12-5)

Happy Learning

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