Guinea pigs are famous for being scientists’ favourite test subjects? Why???

Well, the only reason behind this is that they are quite docile and domesticated animals which means they don’t mind being caged.

This helps the scientists while doing experiments as the risk of the animal attacking the scientists is less.

The term ‘guinea pig’ is commonly used in English as a metaphor for something being experimented on. But have you ever considered who this animal actually is? Let’s find out.

Although they are called “Guinea Pigs”, they are not closely related to pigs, they are actually rodents. Also, they are not from Guyana, but from South America.

Guinea pig’s mainly eat grass and they also need to eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Guinea pigs live on average for 4 – 5 years but sometimes as long as 8 years.


Fun Facts


👉 Guinea Pigs are born with teeth that keep constantly growing throughout their lifetime.

👉 Guinea pigs prefer to take short naps throughout the day and night.

👉 It’s a crime to keep only one Guinea Pig as pet in Switzerland. You have to keep at least two.

👉 When excited, guinea pigs may repeatedly perform little hops in the air, also known as “popcorning”.


You can refer to the video


Watch this small video to see them popcorning