Everyone loves their black and shining hair👩🏻 and therefore some people even avoid tea so that their hair doesn’t turn white. While this superstition does not have anything to do with it, let’s find out🧐 what actually does make hair white.
Each strand of hair has two✌🏻 parts – the part that we see and the part which attaches the hair to our head.🧑🏻 The part we see is known as the ‘shaft’ and the part attaching the hair to our head is called the ‘root’.
There is a tube-like structure that covers the root of the hair.😮 That structure contains cells which continuously produce a chemical called melanin. Melanin is responsible for the color of the hair👍
As we grow old, these cells start to die.😔 With fewer cells, the hair no longer contain as much melanin and therefore our hair starts to lose its color becoming white or gray.👩🏻‍🦳
So, with age, hair don’t turn grey. They were always grey. They just stop turning black!!😁
You can refer to the video🤓