It’s your birthday🎂 and you have called your friends at home for a party. Your mother is making arrangements in the kitchen and you are helping her. The guests arrive, you have a great party, everybody leaves but now you’re feeling tired and just want to go to bed.😴
Have you ever thought why do we feel tired after we do some work?🤔 Let’s find out.
Our body requires energy to do work. When we do some physical activity, it’s actually our muscles💪 that do the work for us. When we physically exert ourselves, these muscles produce lactic acid.
When our body uses more muscles to work, more lactic acid is produced. The Lactic Acid makes us feel tired.🤷‍♀
How can one remove this tiredness?
The answer is simple, by resting the body. When our body sleeps, the muscles also rest and our body gets its energy back. So, getting a good night’s sleep🛌 is important for feeling fresh.
Fun fact about getting tired
👉 Even chocolate🍫 can help you get your energy back. But don’t overdo it. Remember – excess of everything is bad.
👉 Newborn babies sleep on average 15-16 hours in a 24 hour period.
👉 No matter how tired you are, if you see something scary,👹 you immediately get active. Why??? There is another chemical called adrenalin to be blamed for that. But that’s for another day.
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