No one likes to wait at the checkout queue in a supermarket,😫 but there is something interesting happening there that you must have noticed. The person at the billing counter just swipes the product on top of a mirror or just scans the pack with a device and the thing is automatically billed.🤩
This is the wonder of Barcodes. The black-and-white zebra stripes on everything from chocolate packets to library books.📚 Now pick a book, a ketchup bottle and chocolate bar and locate the Barcode on them.
But why is it required? Well, a shop sells so many products and keeping track of all the items can be really confusing and tiring.😞 So, to solve this problem companies put barcodes on the products so that they can keep a track of them. No two barcodes are the same.😮
Activity Time
Download the Barcode reading App on your smartphone🤳 from the link given below:
Now, do a ‘Product Scan’ of the barcodes on the items. Did you find the item in the description???
Interesting fact -The first product that used a barcode was a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Gum sold on June 26, 1974.
You can refer to the video: