Everyone knows chameleons 🦎can change colour, but most people👥 think it’s so they can blend in with their environment. Well, surprise!!! This is not true.

Chameleons actually change their colour🎨 due to a number of different factors, including their mood, changes in light or temperature, or the humidity of their environment.
Special colour pigment cells under the skin allow some chameleons to change their skin colour to pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, brown, yellow and purple. Imagine!!!
The majority of chameleons survive by eating🥘 insects, and some complement this diet by feeding on fruits, small birds🦆 and even other smaller chameleons.
Chameleons have extremely powerful tongues. This means they can grab their prey within fractions of a second, making it impossible to get away. If humans could do this, grabbing that last biscuit from the tin would be much easier!
Fun Facts
👉 Some chameleons’ tongues can be twice the length of their body.
👉 Chameleons are not deaf but they do not actually have ear👂openings.
👉 Almost half of the world’s chameleon species are found in Madagascar (Globe Time!!!🌍). Well, it looks like they like it hot!!!
Watch this video to know more about chameleons