What if someone tells you that Sun☀ rises in the West and a day is longer than a year . Either that person is cracking a joke or he is from Venus , one of the planets🌎 in solar system.
Venus is also called “sister👭 planet” of Earth because it has almost the same size and shape as that of Earth. Similarities are so high that for some time scientists👨🏻‍🔬 thought that someday humans will be able to live on Venus.
We now know that life is not possible on Venus because of following harsh😣 conditions:
👉 Venus is the hottest🔥 planet in solar system . It is even hotter that Mercury despite Mercury being closer to the sun.
👉 It has frequent volcanic🌋 eruptions and lava rivers flowing on it.
Other interesting🧐 facts about Venus are
👉 On Venus, the day is longer than the year. This is because its rotation on its axis takes 243 Earth days😱 and revolving around the sun takes 225 Earth days.
👉 On Venus, Sun rises⛅ in the west because it the only planet which revolves in the opposite direction to all other planets
👉 Venus is the only planet named after a female👧🏻 i.e. Roman Goddess of love.
👉 It is also called ‘morning’ or ‘evening’ star since it is either the first or the last visible thing in the sky🌫. But please note that is technically a planet and not a star
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