Kaizen MicroLessons SmartBook

Teach your child not answers to learn, but questions to ask…

Kaizen Smart Book – A book of Lessons, Videos, Quizzes and more- designed by IIM/IIT Alumni.

Inspire your child’s curiosity with these amazing concepts from everyday life.


This is a SmartBook, scan the QR code and get access to an amazing trove of videos and interesting lessons on your favourite topics.

Kaizen Smart Trumps

Take your child to a virtual tour around the world, that too with an extremely competitive and fun filled game of Country Smart Trump Cards. Your child will learn beyond the capital, flag, and famous monuments.

Rank your country cards on the basis of Population, Average Income, Area, Military Strength, Olympic Rank, etc. It’s definitely going to be a great deal of brainstorming playing this fun-filled game of trump cards.

And it does not end there. Scan the QR Code on each Smart Card and it takes you to a trove of interesting videos, pictures, and fun facts. This makes learning Multi-sensory, interesting and helps your child retain things for long.

Each pack contains

– 30 trump cards with Capital, Flag, Average income, Olympic Rank, Population, Happiness Rank and much more

– 30 scan-able codes to take you through detailed write-ups about countries and videos that would open up curious young minds to the world around them.

Kaizen Know Your World Smart Cards

Know your world is a fun-filled game of 50 smart cards related to interesting Monuments, Countries, Continents and Natural Wonders. Each card carries a picture along with 3 hints. The child is expected to guess it correctly.

Behind each of these Smart Cards, there is a QR code that can be scanned to know more about the place, interesting picture, videos, fun facts, and more. The game can be played in both single-player and multiplayer mode.

Also provided is the world map with ‘Play Side’ and ‘Answer side’. The child is expected to locate the place on the ‘Play Side’ and answers along with the location can be found on the ‘Answer Side’.

The game is designed to make the child fall in love with Geography and Map reading.

Each box contains

– Smart Game with 50 Cards related to Interesting Monuments, Countries, Continents and Natural Wonders

– There is World Map with ‘Play Side’ and ‘Answer side’ where child can locate the place exactly on the world map

– It can be played in both single-player and multiplayer mode

– Each card has a QR code in it, which can be scanned to know more about the place including its picture, Videos, Fun Facts and More

Grade 1-5

Grade 6+