Kaizen Lessons welcomes you and your young ones to FREE ‘Friday classes with Kaizen’.

Free Friday classes with Kaizen, is a specially designed programme for young super enthusiastic kids whose desire to explore the world around them.

It’s not a course and the topics are not just limited to technology per se but would run across the modern-day business to countries, ground breaking and historic events that changed the world, and much more.

We hold a promise to take your child to an awe-inspiring journey, for these young minds deserve to explore much beyond what books or google can teach them.

So be a part of the fun, adventure, and explore new horizons with us!!!!

The next session of Fridays with Kaizen will be held on coming Friday at 6:00 PM.
The topic for the day is: Understanding the interesting world of brands around us.

You surely will love it and leave the class with a lot of food for thought!!!

To be a part of the live class, click https://bit.ly/2CFzEQR

You will receive these details on your E-Mail and SMS shortly