While Annual Subscription of Kaizen MicroLessons costs 1999, it saves much more than that. Let’s understand typical bucket of extracurricular study material of a child from Class LKG to Class VI.

On an average, every year, an aware mother (let’s assume Grade 2 Child) buys at least

  • 20 story books (avg cost Rs 50 per book),
  • One visual book (Costing Rs 500+),
  • At least 5 informational books around personalities, Monuments etc (Rs 50-100 per book)
  • And much more…

All this collectively cost upwards of Rs 3000-5000 per year

On an average, child doesn’t read a book beyond 1-3 days. Thus, we end up spending 3000+ on not more than 90 days of engagement.

Not only this, very limited set of faculties are addressed through these. Mental faculties like Creativity, inquisitiveness and Logical Reasoning remain largely untouched.

Kaizen MicroLessons on the other end are a habit-forming lesson which kid looks forward to. The Multimedia heavy content ensures it is interesting, engaging and easy to understand.

It covers a gamut of mental faculties namely

  • Language and Expression
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Scientific Temper
  • Inquisitiveness, to name a few

Kaizen Lessons also change the YouTube feed of your mobile phone, hence the videos that children watch even during their leisure time and very different now. The actual impact of Kaizen MicroLessons extends much beyond those 10 minutes. (For details, watch this small video)

And the childhood memories of everyday ‘Kaizen Time’ are invaluable in themselves.