👉Aaliya Azeem (Std 4): “In the pink” together
👉Suhani bhargava (Std 2): Try to do it
👉Manatth Agarwal (Std 4): Let’s do yoga
👉Nikunj Agarwal (Std 8): Me mommy yoga
👉Liesel Mohanta (Std 7): Exercise makes a man fit
👉Yuvakshi (Std 4): Yoga is good for health
👉Sahana deepak (Std 5): Breathe easy….with the smell of the sea
👉Aneesh Krishna (Std 6): A healthy body and a healthy mind together make the day divine!!
👉Simar karmani (Std 2): Like mom like daughter
👉Sumita bhargava (Std 7): Try try try till you get it
👉Divya prakash (Std 4): Yoga se kuch naya hoga
👉Jagrit gulati (Std 3): Both doing yoga to be healthy
👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): Its time to do excercise …!!!
👉Bhvya (Std 8): Let’s do yoga, It’s healthy for life ………… My baby
👉Ritvik maini (Std 5): Yoga se he hoga
👉Yashvi (Std 2): Health is wealth
👉Medhansh (Std 5): Yoga on the beach……….from one generation to another
👉Shreshth (Std 4): Namaste health
👉Ayush Raturi (Std 7): Health is preferable to wealth Jai Yoga
👉Swiyyadeep Kaur (Std 7): Yoga is a lite, which once lit will never dim
👉Akshat (Std 7): Yoga training session for kids in the morning at the seasider🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️🕉️, Free trial classes for one week. Charges 1200 per month 😁😁
👉Yash (Std 2): My yoga class for kids
👉Siya (Std 2): Be comfortable
👉Sourav (Std 10): Stay fit, Live long.
👉Adil (Std 7): Enjoying yoga at the beach with the mother
👉Khalid (Std 7): Be a role model for your children👩‍👧
👉Kanan Chawla (Std 8): Parents inspire children, either in a good way or a bad way
👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Inspirations from parents
👉Raavi mann (Std 2): Yoga class is under construction. let’s do it on the beach 🏖
👉Sehar Mann (Std UKG): Yoga classes at the beach
👉Shabad Preet Kaur (Std 1): Yoga class near me
👉Vamika (Std 4): Let’s do yoga on the 🌴beach with mother and daughter.👩‍👩‍👧👩‍👩‍👧👍👏💖💟💗❤️
👉Sanvi Sharma (Std 4): Mom vs a young child
👉Kaustav Singla (Std 6): Step to a healthy future🙂🙂🙂🙂
👉Gaurish Bassi (Std 3): Mom..i m happiest doing anything with u
👉Aadya Mehta (Std 1): Yog …..DO…as I Do…Be care full….WAVES are also there….
👉Maneet Singh (Std 5): Daughter is the shadow of mother 👍
👉Jason shah (Std 1): Yoga energy with loved ones
👉Rhea Ketley (Std 7): Stay healthy and fit with yoga, As well as have fun at the beach
👉Saket class (Std 2): Mother is the best teacher always.
👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Yoga makes life healthier …Let’s make all days as Yoga day!!!! 😊😊
👉Swiyyadeep Kaur (Std 7): Yoga heals the soul
👉Aahana mittal (Std 2): Be comfortable
👉D.Manvita,class (Std 3): The assana to make the mind fresh
👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5): Mother learning yoga from her daughter!!!!!!!!
👉Kaustav Singla (Std 6): Parenting to its best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
👉Parakh Piyush Kabra (Std 3): Like mother like daughter, let’s be fit.
👉Arav gupta (Std 6): Yoga time
👉Chetas (Std 1): Mother and Daughter playing, Having fun and doing yoga on beach..
👉krithiya (Std 5): Yoga classes at the beach.
👉Mehak Chopra Adlakha (Std KG): Fit for future
👉Shivansh (Std 4): Helping baby to exercise on beach and exercising with him
👉Adhiraj Singh Bagga (Std 6): Yoga se hi sab kuch ho ga
👉Lakshanya A P (Std 5): Birds of same feather flock together..
👉Sachreet (Std 6): Yoga 🧘‍♀ Leads to fitness
👉Falakpreet Kaur Virk (Std 2): Yoga is mandatory for everyone
👉Shreya Singh (Std 9): Sometimes silence is the best answer
👉Manvita Murthy (Std 3): The assan to make the mind fresh
👉Kirti Khanna (Std 6): children are natural imitators
👉Aaliya Azeem (Std 4): “In the pink” together