👉Shashwath(Std 7): Education is the key to evolution
👉Aayansh Mayur Rambiya(Std Nursery): Monkey is learning
👉Jiansh Mayur Rambiya(Std Nursery): Monkey is reading newspaper
👉Ameya(Std 7): They will be aware of the current affairs and may have thought what cruel people are there in the country in which they lives
👉Vivaan Garg(Std 4): Monkey likes to be human
👉Aneesh Krishna(Std 6): News is not monkey business
👉Keanne Gonsalves(Std 4): Has the government declared aarey a forest land….is my home safe??let’s check the news
👉Anay Sharma(Std LKG): Mumma d monkey is reading d ulta newspaper
👉A.Sreeja(Std 3): Monkey is updating
👉Anugya Talera(Std 3): Monkey is reading newspaper
👉Aaliya Azeem(Std 4): Celebrate this diwali festival sale with new monkey cap to keep you warm
👉Nikunj Aggarwal(Std 8): Genius monkey
👉Manatth Agarwal(Std 4): Modern monkey
👉Atiksh Rajgandha(Std 1): Monkey understand the values of studying newspaper
👉Mukund Rawlley(Std 7): Koi mujhe padhna sikha de
👉Navyaansh Jain(Std 2): Monkey with newspaper
👉Thanishka.K(Std 2): Monkey getting redy for evolution
👉Aditya Virupaksham(Std 5): What kind of language is this
👉Adwitya Ganguly(Std 2): Monkey reading a newspaper
👉Sumukh Ranjan(Std 4): A smart wildlife
👉Shaurya Ranjan(Std 1): A reading monkey
👉Parveen Rani(Std 7): The monkey is sitting in forest and the reading the newspaper of the world
👉Aayush Baphana (Std 6): Thanku so much all for ur warm wishes
👉Krithya (Std 5): A monkey reading a newspaper paper that is wired
👉Arpita Malhotra (Std 6): We humans forgot to read.Now it’s time of animals
👉Sachreet (Std 6): Monkeys want to improve their english
👉Jaiteshwar Singh (Std 6): This is a modern generation monkey,Bro!🐵🆒❕
👉Jagrit gulati (Std 3): Trying to copy humans
👉Mrinal chaudhary (Std 4): Let’s find out what is happening around..
👉Niyati Bansal (Std 5): Ape searching for fashion and style
👉Aadya Mehta (Std 1): 100% Literacy in our country …. EVEN animals can read the BOOK….
👉Abhinav Arora (Std 5): This Ape is like a baby learning to read!!!!! (🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🔁👶👶👶👶👶) 😄😄😄😄😄😄
👉Akshat (Std 7): This monkey will be present in every general knowledge quiz!🐒🐒
👉Atharv Mittal (Std 4): We monkeys also have a right to get news of our country and world. We will study too and go to school too. Don’t think we are less than you. We will pass the test and get more better marks than you.
👉Shivansh Goel (Std 2): Let us hear news from a monkey
👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): Monkey curious to know what’s happening around!!!😂😂🤣
👉Bhvya (Std 8): Monkey wants to know what’s happening around………🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🤔🤔🤔🤔🧐🧐🧐🧐
👉Khalid (Std 7): No one can stop you from learning
👉Shyla (Std 7): Mission literacy
👉Hridaan Pagaria (Std LKG): Monkey in page 3
👉Ritvik maini (Std 5): Reusing paper
👉Rudra Narayan Sahoo (Std 3): Paper reading time for this cute animal 🐒
👉Likhitha (Std 7): I will surely come first
👉Kaustav Singla (Std 6): Monkey reading today’s breaking news🐒🐒🐒🐒🐵🐵🐵🦍🦍🦍
👉Aahana Mittal (Std 2): I will surely come first..
👉Prisha (Std 6): Monkeys are more intelligent than us
👉Samyan Arora (Std 7): Time for Monkeys to get educated
👉Arav gupta grade (Std 6): Monkey knowledge
👉Rhea Sharma (Std 1): This monkey loves The news
👉Saanvi (Std 6): Aah let’s it’s morning. Let’s see what’s new??? There should be something interesting
👉Jasna shah (Std 5): The witty monkey reads the newspaper
👉Siya (Std 2): Monkey newspaper reading
👉Tanush Kumar (Std 5): Monkey searching for fashion wear because winters are coming🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶😂😂🤣🤣🤣
👉Vadya Chawla (Std 4): Determination in studying of animal even monkey
👉Kanan Chawla (Std 8): Right to Education being implemented.
👉Shabad Preet Kaur (Std 1): Updated Monkey
👉Sourish (Std 6): Aaj ka samachar.. ape reading newspaper👌🦍🦍
👉Swiyyadeep Kaur (Std 7): A very studious one
👉Saanvi Srivastava (Std 4): Umm…. we can also read?
👉Harshita Sharma (Std 5): Monkeys will be reporting news on T.V
👉Ridham (Std 5): Monkey civilization
👉Maneet Singh (Std 5): Humans are busy in mobiles whereas monkeys have more intelligency as they are reading our newspapers for future generations 😂😂👍👍🙉
👉Yashvi (Std 2): Right to gain knowledge equally
👉Nayssa (Std 1): Monkey is finding about Diwali gifts for Diwali
👉Ayush Raturi (Std 7): It is new India even apes also are educated🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🐒
👉Ekta Baphana (Std 9): I need new fashion so I can impress my friend . Let’s see what we have from the paper I snatched from a lousy man.
👉Vamika (Std 4): 🐵monkey’s are 👎not less than humans.
👉Ishpreet kaur (Std 7): Study Study this gonna help…!!!!