Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : “NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER”

We are aware of dogs chasing and scaring cats, but who says cats don’t have the might?

Well, these little kittens are certainly courageous and definitely are the kings when it comes to scaring this big old dog.

Advita Soni (std 3) : I love cats I will have four kittens a rabbit and a pet squirrel when I grow up

Advita Soni (std 3) : Even though cats 🐈 are being chased by dogs🐕 this dog🐕 is afraid of cats🐈

Aahana Mittal (std 3) : Now, it’s cat time to rule

Aahana Mittal (std 3) : 🐕 Dog barbery

Gaurish : Unity is strength

Shivam makheeja (std 4) :
Size defeats the courage!
The courageous kittens scared the big Dog

Ahana Goel : Dog scared of cat. Cats rules the dog

Manaswini : cats was came dog scared and jumped to the chair

S.Raaja Sharvani (std 5) : Stranger inside the cats’ kingdom . 🐈

Udita Kansal : Scary dog

Ridansh Tamboli, (std 6) : Size doesn’t matter, courage does..

Hitarthee Patel, (std 2) :
1} “Oh! Dog, why are you scared of us?
We are so small, you are a big dog, you why are you afraid of us?
Come down, we can play together. Let’s be friends. ”
2} Hahaha Haha.. Doggy, we are such small kittens, but we are together and Unity is strength…

lakshay gupta : Cats bravery

Akshat mittal : When cats rule

Aanya Gupta : Chotte packets bade dhamake