Lakshdhi : It is very nice fabulous

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : This boy may be little but:–

He is definitely quite young and the ball may have not entirely gone inside the hole, but who says he can’t simply just blow it?
It is surely allowed in this game😉.

Anurav (std 8) : Eager to goal , if not with golf stick then with blowing air

Ashna.G : I can see a boy cheating in a golf game.

Karan : When we are left just short…

Simar : Using his ‘extra skills’

Tarun : Even the wind is not blowing today!

Godse : God please help him!

Talpade : Because no one is watching

Rohit : That’s how he always wins

Gaurav : No one messes with me

Neha : Because my dad owns the golf course

Sohan : ‘Smart Kid’

Raaj : Its early days so he is allowed to do that…

Jaggdesh : Little Champ

Mehar : Learnt this from his older brother