Suraj : If only the child could listen!

Srishty : He comes every night when the child is sleeping

Tarun : “Welcome to the world, new born…”

Gurjot : Baby’s Godfather!

Rohan : Even child’s parents can’t see him!

Mishti : The Mini-Man

Priya : The little man is alone, he wants the baby to be his friend

Gurinder : Hey, we were friends in our previous births

Harman : You have all my blessings!

Sharan : I will always protect you from bad people

Raman : My problems can’t be this boring that you fell asleep ☹️

Rahul : Come on buddy wake up i have so much to confess. You can’t ignore me😩

Arav Gupta : Toy story

Hannah (std 7) : I hope Mr Cow boy didn’t suffocate the baby in the name of covering it with clothes

Ilakkiya : The man is small than the baby 👶

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : *Toys may be non-living, but they definitely have life and their way of talking to us children.
*So who says they can’t take care of children when no one is around?
*And the main protagonist from Toys Story has definitely proved that toys have life to all of us.
*He probably might be welcoming the little child to the new world with high hopes and spirits to be friends with him & making sure that the child soon thrives to change the world.