Anshita Mohapatra :
Baby is holding his father’s tools.

Dad: What are you doing with my tools?

Baby: Gu gu gaga gffhd (I want to fix the tap.)

Dad: what? ??

Baby: dggbgxfjgfd ( Never mind. )

Aahana Mittal (std 3) : Baby 👶 Hunter

Jiya Khan : New super hero of the world 🤩😍

Krishikaa : Toddler wants to do woodcutting and carpentering

Aditya mittal : A small child is acting like he has taken hammer and a axe but it is a toy which is looking real

Pahel savla : Baby is holding hammer and Axe with pacifier(nipple) in mouth

Ridhansh Gupta. (std 4) : A junior architect is ready with his tools , to construct a masterpiece of art .

Anonymous : Baby is holding hammer and Axe with pacifier(nipple) in mouth .

Poorna Varshithaa Manikandan : A small boy with anger and vengeance, not shown in his face, but in his hands as “A BLOODY AXE and ” HORNY HAMMER”.

Note : 1) Don’t put your matters and vengeance into your children…let them freely…
2) Stay safe and healthy…

Yashvi Jain : Little boy with big dreams

Karthik raj :
Narrator- today is baby John’s birthday I is sooo excited
Dad- happy birthday baby John
Baby john- dad where is my present?
Dad- here I bought you the hammer 🔨 and axe!
Baby john-why dad I asked a Lamborghini toy car!
Dad- because with the hammer you could fix your brain and with the axe you could cut your hair thus, it will reduce the savings!
Baby john- oh is it? Then I wil try now
Narrator- so baby John took the hammer and smashed his brain the next minute he was admited in the hospital
The end

Anvi Sharma : Early life responsibilities……

S. Raaja Sharvani : Anyone need help in repairing 😉

Subhasmita Bishi : It may be possible that that child must have seen something that he does not want to happen to anyone else, and as we all know kids used to watch the superman kind a cartoon so,maybe he wants to save them with the Hammer and the Axe.

Sharma : Baby ice skating

Mishca Jhavar : Hey this is my Thor hammer dude!

Sehar Mann : Baby hunter

Shanaaya : Strong and hardworking cute boy

Ahana Goel (std 2) : Baby having axe and hammer and wearing a pacifier

Ayaan Hamza : The baby is going to cut the tree that’s he has a axe

Angel Gupta : baby working to earn

Angel Gupta : baby want to repair something

Ilakkiya : The baby 👶 is working hard

Trisha : baby working in winter.

Angel Gupta : baby want to repair something