Sharma : Friends forever

Hitarthee Patel (std 2) : Buffalo and Crane are friends, taking a ride in the lake. Buffalo is bathing and Crane is playing up or dancing on it’s head. The friends are enjoying.
Crane is asking Buffalo, how can you stand in the water and I can’t?

Aditya mittal : One small animal and one big animal are very good friends and they support each other in times of need

SARTHAK JOSHI.A (std 5) : Buffalo helping the crane

Arav Gupta : This is symbiotic relationship

Lakshay Gupta : A friend in need is a friend indeed

S.Raaja Sharvani (std 5) : What a ride!

Harshita : Friendship in nature

Varun verma (std 6) : This picture show that human beings do not tolerance and love with each other but animals and birds love and tolerance with each other the technology of human being is very higher but human have no love and tolerance with each other.

Anshika class (std 6) : The buffalo might be helping the crane who can’t fly . It’s the best example of friendship .

Niyati Prabhu (std 4) : Cran enjoying free buffalo ride😄☺️

Anshita Mohapatra (std 5) : A buffalo was swimming in the lake then, a crane sat on it.

Buffalo : What are you doing on my head?

Crane : Oh l thought you were a statue.

Noor : A friend in need is the friend indeed.👬

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) :
1) Even animals have empathy and show it for each other.
2) They are always there to help each other out.
3) In this caption, while the buffalo is helping the crane to cross across the river, the crane is cleaning the buffalo by picking out the flies on it.

Ahana Goel (std 2) : Buffalo in the water with one Egret on its head. Amazing. Wow.

Ayaan Hamza : The crane is taking lift to the Buffalo

Uday Pratap Kaushal (std 6) :


AS the Buffalo and the bird in the above picture

Vihaan Gunjikar : A bird standing on a buffalo making friendship with buffalo

Noya Nityam : Free buffalo ride who wants? oh, u want crane but i thought u could fly.
yeah i can fly but too tried bro and hungry wanna look for some food in the way, so are we gonna go?
yeah! of course, Hop on!!

Noya Nityam : ‘CRANEBULL’ what a perfect name for these two best friends#happy friendship day#trueBFF


Noya Nityam : If we do not help our own kind then who will..
hats off!!!!!

Gaganjot Singh : It is very good . because it provide kownledge

Sanvi Sharma (std 5) 🎊🎉 : Such a rock is hard to find

Hiten (std 8) : Nature al Friendship

Jiya Khan : Having a nice buffalo ride. 😎😎

Jiya Khan : Having a nice buffalo ride. 😎😎😀

Mansha Malhotra : Oh so cloy pic , it ‘s lovely I will love to see it in realitty

Mansha Malhotra : Oh so cloy pic about friends and it ‘s lovely

Mansha Malhotra : Oh so cloy pic about friends beacause the pic shows friendship and it ‘s lovely

Ridhansh Gupta. Class (std 4) : A crane enjoying bull ride in water .

Niyati Bansal (std 6) : 😊Best friends!We will never break our friendship😊-Hippo and dove

Aahana Mittal (std 3) : Jungle Book