Swethashri : Hi its really awesome the two animals are playing with each other

Mishca Jhavar (std 2) : Hey buddy where’s your mask 😷

S.Raaja Sharvani (std 5) : Come on! Beat me if you can !

Krishikaa : CUB’S TALK

Niyati Prabhu : Bear 🐻 karate classes

Aditya mittal : To friends are talking to each other and they are very good friends

Anshita Mohapatra (std 5) : 2 baby bears 🐻playing during lockdown!!

Mohammad zayaan ghazanfar : buddy bears twist in woods…..

Mahir Agarwal : The cute, little bears

Ridhansh Gupta. (std 4) : Two little Bears 🐻🐻 are friends .They are playing in forest. They want to hug each other but they are maintaining social distancing.

Tanmayee sree (std 5) : After Corona😷🦠 days friends👭 meet each other happily. Time to play!!😀 The bears love is true and unconditional.

Sanvi Sharma (std 5) 🎊🎉 : Bear kabbadi

MuBashir Azam (std 5) : Two little bear cubs seeing each other and playing .they are enjoying and having the most fun. They love each other. Cute little teddies

Sanvi shetty : A friend will always be friend and never cheat u at begging middle or end the characters in that r 2 beat Cubs and setting is jungle with 2 bears that means a life with friend or a family member will never finish and there is never ending relationship between them

Sanvi shetty : Bearcubs*

Anhik Singha : The two little baby play quitly 🥰🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊

Harkirat kaur : True friends.

Jayani prusty (std 4) : This is called True Love Between Bear.

Karanveer : The little baby cubs are 0🐻🐻 are chatting with each other . But I think that right baby cub is holding a stone and other is smelling it

Kemy gandhi (std 6) : Bears are playing with each other. They are so cute…😊😊😊

Shivesh singh : Time to play game with kaizen

Rableen kaur : Hey sam don’t touch me I know you are my friend but please 🙏 don’t touch me

Madhav Bajaj : They both are fighting

Siddhi Geed ❣ : ‘Teddy bears 🧸🧸don’t need hearts ❤❤ as they are already stuffed with love 💞💞 …… This is why i luv bears . 🐻❤🐻❤

Siddhi Geed ❣ : ‘Teddy bears 🧸🧸don’t need hearts ❤❤ as they are already stuffed with love 💞💞 ……

Ayansh (std 5) : This Is Called True Love Between Bears

Sharma : Bear playing time

Khyati (std 6) : awww….. look at these cute little bears playing with each other

Atharv Mittal : Trying to make a bond. Covid, the worst, again stopped it, social distancing ! But, they are trying !!😔😔

Zainab Haider : Social Distancing Bro!

Saketh Tata : Bear vibes 😍

ARITRI SENAPATI (std 4) : Let’s take it and eat!

Priya Agrawal : Cute Lil Bears!😍😍😍

Prarthana : Umm hi who are you. Ohh I am molly and who are you . I am Manny. Would you like to play with me . Let’s have a race . What race . Eating race 🐟🍯

Jasna Shah : Bear security

Yashisa Kiran : The bear Cubs are playing .

Ahana Goel (std 2) : No, this is my rock. No, this is my rock.

Kavish Mittal : The 🐻 bears are in love ☺️

Jansha Roy😎😊 (std 4) : Two lil baby bears who love to play,very cute😊😍☺.Like these 🐻 🐻 bears😀

Aahana Mittal (std 3) : True Love ❤️

Niyati Bansal : Time to play