Arshika sharma : you dont loose anything ,if you are creative.

Hritiv (std 6) : understanding the value of money saving money 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : A very innovative idea to not waste paper and appreciate one’s creativeness 😇 though with a torn off paper clock.

Karthik Raj : My life is running though I had broken… don’t stop your race if you face struggle… think differently..

Hiten : Saving Saving Saving!!🤣🤣😂😂

Saanvi (std 7) : Perfect example of BEST OUT OF WASTE

Saanvi : Perfect example of BEST OUT OF WASTE

Rishabh Gupta (std 7) : Broken clock!But shows the right time.😎

Ayansh Kesharwani : Saving money…..
Not all broken things are crap Time is valuable. Don’t waste it

Arav Gupta : That is some creativity…

Hannah (std 7) : Welp I have nothing to say because everyone else told what I was about to, but I still have something to tell
Is it only me or has anyone else noticed that 7 is not in the clock?

Lakshay Gupta : Saving money…..
Not all broken things are crap

Hannah (std 6) : Totally true

Yashaswi : The clock is broken still people are using it as a style and people becoming “Intelligent” and also this a clock is looking good…

Subhasmita Bishi : Hey I m clockk. In this world my need is so. Much necessary… I didn’t compare anyone with anybody. Bcoz I know that I m same for everyone over the world …as I m need for rich. As also for poor for child. As also for adultt…even if my battery get low or am broken. My time will be on path showinhy you the time. As I told. I m necessary than everything…I can’t be ignorable and if you think that I m will be going to visit hell…bcoz you have done a sin to think time have been stopped and waiting for mee…..

Sanvi Sharma (std 5)🎊🎉 : Incomparable clock these days huh!!

Ch.Hoshita : Time is valuable. Don’t waste it

Adit Vasisht : Keeping a track of time

Disha : Nice…tge clock is broken or a paer clock is torn…nice idea..superb…just writing the nos. on the wall instead of purchasing one clock is better and saves money…even shows high intelligence and creativity…lovely… 👌🏻👌🏻❤❤

Hanzla Shamshad : It shows that we shouldn’t remove a thing because of its disability,

Jayani prusty : This is wall clock. I am moving 24 hours. I am showing time to every one .

Jaspreet kaur : This art is exceptionally fab. It shows a small piece of broken clock giving hundreds of deep meanings.
This shows that even a broken clock has that certainty that it shows right time twice a day

Vanshika Desai : Vanshika Desai- Fantabulous!! I’m really impressed with this unique art and this amazing 😉 invention…
I feel that if this picture is shown to a poor man / women then they can save so many money by keeping the broken clock on the wall and by writing the numbers on the wall

Sourish Gupta : WOW
Today I got to know that people are so “INTELLIGENT” these days.