Kabir Vijay Khanna : Talking Bannana

Prisha Jain : The man is busy in his work instead of picking phone he pick banana .

Hannah, (std 7) : Did anyone see the face of the man in the corner? I mean, it seems like some one stole his breakfast.

Samik Bhardwaj : Work dedication with Banana time

Hiten : So busy with Technology

Hiten : !!Apple’s next invention Fruit Phone!!

Hiten : 🤣🤣Technology in fruits??🤣🤣

Harkirat kaur : A man listen to someone.

Laasya : He is removing something from his ear

Anshita Mohapatra (std 5) : A man busy in work 👨📺 picked up a banana 🍌instead of the phone. 👉📱

Ananya Bhuyan (std 6) : A creative way 😃 for a working adult to bring back his childhood memories while he could use a banana as a phone while working on the computer.

Karamjeet Singh : 😶😶In now generation people are too busy in there work
They have not idea what they are doing so that’s why
They he picks up banana 🍌

Shabad Preet Kaur (std 2) : In old generation there was apple I PHONE but NOW BANANA I PHONE, YIPPEE!! NEW STYLE

Shaurya Garg (std 7) : Too distracted in work

SEHAR (std 1) : If we can talk on 🍎 phones ☎️ Why can’t we talk on banana phones!!!!🍌

Akshaj Sharma (std 5) : Earphone by banana instead of iphone by apple
If there can be phones by apple so why can’t there be earphones by banana

Akshaj Sharma (std 7) : A person can talk on apple iphone (company)so why cant he talk on a phone of new company banana phone

Madhav Mehra : Next Generation Phones..

Debangshu Dutta, (std 3) : Working with concentration with out caring others

BIRPRATAP : The banana becomes the man’s phone .

Deben Dahal : He is too busy,he picked banana in phone place.

Arunima Kuhad (std 7) : A Secret Spy …Recording the the conversation of the people around …….And sending through Laptop ………..Acting funny so that no one is suspicious

Leh (std 2) : Conscious to Talk

Divyakshi : The person is eating banana with his ear .

Divyakshi (std 3) : The person is eating banana with his ear .

Raavi mann (std 2) : DAD! Your so stuck in the laptop…YOU DONT EVENBKNOW U HAVEBA BANANA PHONE!!!

Vishav : Work is worship…And when mam is doing its work he only focused on work and don’t know what is happening in surrounding

Sobhneek Singh : People now are so mental while working at laptop that they did not see that my cellphone is ringing and they are taking the banana to call someone

Sanvi Sharma (std 5) : Over smartness leads to failure only.

Shagun Mishra : Bello Boy,
Bphone latest in the smart phone technology#.Edible#Bubbly#Tempting#Ecofriendly#Harvest.That is BAN. NANA.phone.

Aditya mittal : A person acting that Banana is mobile

Jiya khan : When a person can talk with apple (a company name) so why can’t banana???

S.Karthik raj : Self-made workaholic!!!!

Pranav :
The person: Hello ths is mr.banana speaking
The person on the banana phone :What,your name is Mr banana did your mom or dad named you Mr banana
The person :No I named it last Christmas
And I am using all things as banana only hahaha
The person on the banana phone:Hahaha nice joke you are fired
The person:yay I am fired who who
The person on the banana phone:what
Phone ended

Rithika : When he concentrate he forget the things that he do beside.