Avinash : thirsty sqarriel

Ishani Singh : Squirrel is excellent and pretty cute. She loves drinking water and eating leaves. UKG

Aadhya Raghav : Who said that squirrels can’t drink water from the bird’s water pot? The water is left over there for animals, not only for birds….

Jiya khan : Thrust can do everything
It makes impossible to possible.

Aahana Mittal : A squirrel wants to drink water 🤗🤗

Sharma : Water time

Mahir Agarwal (std 2) : The squirrel 🐿️ is flexible 😁

Aayannsh Rambiya (std nursery) : Thirsty squirrel drinking water

S.Suba Thrishika (std UKG) : The hanging squirrel is my friend!

S.Raaja Sharvani : Help birds and animals with food and water 😁

Vamika : Animals also want to drink water, like humans.

Trisha Garg : A rat going to drink in corona

Gursanjh kaur (std 2) : Compassion has a universal language

Manvita (std 4) : It is lockdown Animal will be thirsty if we put water they will drink

Ridhansh Gupta : A thirsty squirrel came down to drink water from the bowl hanging down from the tree branch .