Rinkey Gupta (std 4) : A person is riding on an elephant as his new vehicle. Traffic police showing direction to elephant , so that other vehicles can move smoothly .
Ridhansh Gupta

Manvita : Uh it is so boring in the jungle humans are not coming out so let’s go out

Raavi mann (std 3) : As these days no body goes out due to Corona virus the streets are becoming like a jungle. Like once there was a tiger seen on chandigarh road.!!

Raavi. (std 3) : 🤣🤣🤣 XD

Thanishka : Corona check for Elephant by police

Janani : There are no big masks for the elephant.

Sanjay : The elephant is hitting the policemen and one person sitting on the elephant and the policemen are putiinh masks.

Mehar : Corona will go away if you love nature ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Shabad Preet Kaur (std 2) : Power of Police can stop Elephant too

Aahana Mittal : Now animals have also become vehicles 🙂🙂

Taanish : Traffic Rules are same for all …

Hitansh jain (std 2) : Animals 🐶🦊🐵have also became a vehicle 🚗 now.🤣😂😮😮.

Mahir Agarwal (std 2) : Now the police can’t hit the men 😡 because he is on the elephant 😂

Shanaaya : Elephant should also give money for not wearing a mask

Aadhya Raghav :
Maybe the boy sitting on the elephant is not aware that nowadays, animals also need to :
1. Maintain Social Distancing.
2. Wear mask.
3. Sanitize their hands and even themselves.

Boy : But Police Sir! Animals are not infected by COVID-19 yet.
Policeman : Ohh! I am sorry. I thought that they are our ancestors so they can also get infected…
Boy : He doesn’t even know the difference between our ancestors and our pets! Which are Monkeys and Elephants respectively.

Kanan Chawla : Elephant Distancing

Vamika : Animals have also become a vehicle now.🤣😂😵🤔

Uma Balaji : No mask stop stop pay fine elephant. Corona is all over the world for everyone. Sanitize your body and go.

Jagrit gulati (std 4) : social distancing by riding elephant

Sharma : Riding a elephant day