👉 Anchal Udasi (Std 8): Old people had become friends nowadays and new are alone with their gadgets.
👉 Arav Gupta (Std 6): Old generation old ways..gold ways..new generation stuck with electronic boxes.
👉 Swati Bhatnagar Seth: All generations are different.
👉 Susan Joseph: The generation gap.
👉 Kaustav Singla (Std 6): Young generation as expected, addicted to mobile phones v/s old generation as thought happily enjoying and chatting.
👉 Ashu Pundir (Std ): New generation v/s old generation.
👉 Aayansh Rambiya (Std Nursery): Uncle sitting alone… No Mumma no papa no friends.
👉 Neha S Socially: Lonely.
👉 Aadhya Raghav (Std 4): New generation v/s old generation.
👉 Kirti Khanna (Std 6): The old generation still likes to chat with each other & the young generation likes to chat on mobiles.
👉 Padmavathi (Std 7): Generation Gap.
👉 Harminder Kaur Mehra (Std 9): Passing time.
👉 Arnav (Std 6): The temple attenders.