👉 Aarush (Std 1): Mama asks the cat to not to watch too much of screen.
👉 Siddharth Kapoor (Std 5): Oh my kitty! Not to sit too close to the laptop screen. Use quality toys for fun.
👉 Thanishka (Std 2): Cat is thinking “Who is the looking more like me? When I went inside the laptop?”
👉 Sumukh (Std 4): “Smart kitty”
👉 Shaurya (Std 1): “Bat cat watching laptop”
👉 Aayansh Mayur Rambiya (Std Nursery): Cat is talking with her friends…
👉 Usha Ganesh: Never ending the friendship.
👉 Raavi Mann (Std 2): Meow Meow Meow, This is a cat office.
👉 Mrinal Chaudhary (Std 4): Technology for all.
👉 Sambit Samantaray (Std LKG): Mama cat is taking selfies in a laptop.
👉 Jinansh Mayur Rambiya (Std Nursery): Cat is sitting & watching TV.
👉 Vedansh Rambiya (Std 4): Modern cat doing video calling with friends.
👉 Krishikaa (Std LKG): Kitty cat working the computer.
👉 Aadhya Raghav (Std 4): A cat taking a selfie in the laptop discovering her beauty.
👉 Alayena (Std 3): Just catching up.
👉 Yuvraj Singh (Std Nursey): Kitten is playing with the laptop.
👉 Ankita Adway (Std UKG): Cat is chatting.
👉 Smitakshi Roy (Std 2): Cat have important work. Do not disturb her.
👉 Avantika (Std UKG): How can a cat type with its paws?
👉 Navami (Std 1): Don’t argue with me I am the boss!
👉 Aryan Nair (Std Nursey): Mumma Cat is looking at baby cat in laptop.
👉 Arohi Ranjan (Std LKG): Kitty chatting with another kitty.
👉 V. Chakthisree (Std UKG): Baby cat saying hi! to daddy cat in skype.
👉 Radhika (Std 2): Cat is seeing how beautiful she is looking in the pics. she is happy to see her.
👉 Urvisha (Std 1): Cats mirror image.