Have you ever thought🤔 why Capsicum is called Shimla Mirch in Hindi? Well, the only reason behind this is that capsicum was first grown in the hills🗻 of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Let’s check out some other interesting things about Capsicum.🤓

They come from Central America (Mexico, Nicaragua. Globe🌎 time!!!). Another name for Capsicum is bell peppers.

Technically, Capsicum is a fruit🤯 because is it produced from a flowering plant and contain seeds. What? Our life has been a lie!!!😢

Capsicum comes in green, yellow, red, orange, brown and purple.😱 The change in colour is due to the ripening process and they can be eaten at any stage of ripening.😮

Fun Facts

👉 Capsicum is high in iron and other vitamins like A, C, E, K and B Complex.🤩 They have more vitamin C than any other vegetable.😇

👉 The red Capsicum is sweeter than the green one because Capsicum grows sweet and rich in vitamin as they move ahead in the ripening process.👍

👉 Red Capsicum contains twice the amount of vitamin C than the green capsicum.👌

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