You might have seen your mother getting upset when she forgot to turn off the gas stove and the milk spilled over. But have you ever thought🤔 that why is it that milk spills over while boiling but water doesn’t? Let’s find out.

Milk🥛 is made up of water, protein, sugar, and fat. When you boil milk, the protein and fat rise to the top and form a layer of cream. Yep, that exact creamy layer which most of you don’t like in your milk.😐

The water in milk also boils and comes up as vapour, but the vapour cannot escape as it is trapped below the cream.🧐

So, when milk becomes hot, the vapour starts to expand but since it is trapped under the cream, it pushes the cream upwards and so, the milk spills over.🙁

How can you prevent the milk from spilling?

Simple, take a spoon🥄 and stir the milk or simply switch off the gas stove. This way the water vapour will not get trapped under the cream and the milk will not spill over.👍

You can refer to the video