Eastern and Western cultures have a lot of differences, but where they disagree the most is burp!!!🙊

While westerners think it’s a reason to be embarrassed😔 and one should ‘excuse’ after burping in public; We Indians always considered burping on dinner table as a complement to the cook.😁

This brings us to today’s question – why do we even burp in the first place?🤔 Let’s find out.

When there is excess air or gas in our stomach, we get rid of it through burping.🙊 Now, there are many ways through which air can enter our stomach and cause burping.

One of those ways is through eating. When we eat food very quickly, we swallow air along with food. Thus, to expel this air, we burp.😮

Also, when we drink beverages using straws,🥤 we swallow air present in the straw to suck the beverage. This can also lead to burping.

Besides this, carbonated drinks have a lot of carbon dioxide gas dissolved in them. So, having these drinks may also cause burping.😊

In addition to this, when good bacteria present in our intestines break down the undigested food,🍕 they produce various gases. These gases sometimes move upwards to the stomach, thus leading to a burp.😬

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