Almost all of us have to come across a keyboard on a daily basis and many of us might have thought “why are the letters not arranged in ABC order?” Here’s your answer.

The QWERTY keyboard that we use today was invented in the 1870s by one of the creators of the original typewriter, Christopher Latham Sholes.

The first typewriter patented in 1868 was designed with an alphabetical arrangement of piano like keys. But the keys would jam frequently because commonly used letters were too close together.

Popular theory states that Sholes created the new “QWERTY” keyboard to purposely spread out popular keys and avoid mechanical problems.

Mass familiarity with QWERTY led to its adoption of electronic keyboards for computers. Other types of keyboards were also invented but people had already become used to the QWERTY keyboards and hence, they like being stuck with it.

Fun Fact

The top row of your keyboard has all the letters needed to type ‘TYPEWRITER’.

Each second, around 6,00,000 people hit the Spacebar.

A typical keyboard contains more germs than a toilet seat.

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