You’re about to take a shower.🚿 You enter the bathroom and put your hand inside the bucket to see if the water is warm or cold. Have you ever wondered🤔 how our skin helps us to sense things? Let’s find out.

Skin is a thin stretchy coating that covers our entire body. It protects the insides of our body, keeps infection out, allows us to feel and react to heat and cold and is waterproof!🤯

Our skin consists of three layers. The top layer that we directly see👀 consists of the skin cells and pores. The second layer consists of the blood vessels, sweat glands, nerves, and hair roots.

Then there is a third layer which consists of fat. It is there to cushion our bones.🦴

Your biggest body part is your skin! Yes. It is considered as the largest organ in human body.😮

Fun Facts

👉 Your body sheds up to 50,000 cells of skin every minute. 50% of house dust is made up of dead skin.😱

👉 Skin color is determined by how much melanin it contains. More melanin means darker skin.🤷‍♀

👉 Skin accounts for about 15% of your body weight.😮

👉 Our thickest layer of skin can be found on the palms✋ of our hands and soles🦶 of our feet. Our eyelids have the thinnest layer of skin.

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