Optical illusions are images or pictures that we see differently than they really are.

Illusions basically happen because our brain is trained to think in a certain way, even when the reality is different.

You can find a few interesting optical illusions below:

Find the longer Line



Guess which of these 2 lines is longer
That’s a no brainer, right. The top one
Now check it with a scale, both the lines are of same length!!!

The flexible lines



So, in which direction do these lines bend?
Upward or downward
Or sometimes upward, sometimes downward
Actually, these lines don’t bend at all
They are parallel lines!!!

Count the no of legs of the Elephant



The picture of the elephant is an example of a literal optical illusion. Here the artist only drew the elephant’s legs without feet and then feet without the elephant’s legs. Since our minds are in a habit of using edges to identify objects, it seems that there are more than four legs creating a huge confusion.

Look at the black dots



The black dots you see disappear gradually, and any individual dot will turn white as soon as you focus on it. Clearly, all the dots are actually white, yet at a glance we still see some of them as black.

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