Have you ever wondered what life will be for a mermaid and do want to be one? Well, there are people who live a good part of life underwater. They are the sailors in a submarine.

Submarines are a special type of watercraft that can operate underwater. They are typically large container with a few crew members.

Submarines are used by the military or in other areas such as marine research, undersea exploration and keeping watch. Some modern submarines can stay underwater for up to 6 months.

A submarine has compartments which are known as ballasts. These are huge tanks that get filled with water, allowing the submarine to submerge into water.

When the vessel has to rise back to the surface, it empties these tanks and fills them with air.


Interesting Facts

👉 The first known military submarine was built in 1775, named the ‘Turtle.’ It could only hold one person at a time.

👉 Torpedoes are the most important weapon used by submarines. They can take down big ships.

👉 Modern submarines do not have windows. They use periscope for seeing when closer to the surface.

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