We go into our room and switch on the heater, right. What would you call a person who instead lives in a house made of ice☃, to avoid winters?

Crazy, right!!!

Actually not. People living in Arctic region, an extremely cold🥶 place, live in houses made of Ice, called Igloo.
Igloo, is a dome shaped house🏠 made out of bricks of snow.

Snow (not ice!!!) has pockets of air inside it and air is an excellent insulator. Because of this air, the heat generated by person’s body or small lamp🏮 is trapped inside, making the inside of igloo much warmer (up to 40 degrees) than outside.

Other interesting facts about Eskimos:

👉 Eskimo means ‘Raw met eater’ and is considered derogatory by them, they actually prefer to be called Inuit.
👉 Inuit no longer live in Igloo. Igloos are used as temporary hunting camps.
👉 Eskimo kiss i.e. rubbing of nose together is not exactly a kiss. It is a warm gesture to greet significant others like children and parents. Due to very cold temperatures eyes and nose are the only part of their body that is exposed.
👉 90% of population of Greenland is Inuit. Now take up your Globe and look up Greenland.
👉 Inuit always believed in sharing. They have a popular saying, “The best place to store food is in your neighbour’s stomach”

Improve your vocabulary

Insulator: a substance which does not readily allow the passage of heat, sound or electrify. E.g. Jackets provide us insulation against cold during winters.

Derogatory: An attitude of disrespect against others. E.g. No one likes Tulsi because of her derogatory behaviour towards her classmates.

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