The whale is the largest mammal on earth and it is the deepest diver as well. They are amazing creatures living at different depth of the oceans.  The species are in million and can’t be named and in fact, some are believed to be yet undiscovered. They come in colour from grey to blue

Fun Facts about Whales

  1. Whales don’t sleep.
  2. Whale “vomit” is used in perfumes.


Blue whale: –

Blue whale is the largest mammal on earth and it weighs up to 6000 pounds.

Its tongue weighs as much as an Elephant and their ear is as large as a car.


Baleen Whale: –

The baleen whales which are thin and slim they are also known as whalebone. They are boney in structure and float on the surface when attacked by predators.


The Humpback Whales

The humpback whales bend their back while dive and they have the largest flippers on the earth.

It is very easy to distinguish these whales. They have unique strips on their belly.


The Fin Whale

The fin whales are the styled whales with the colorful body. They have grey body with white belly.

They can reach in 25 miles per kilometer


The Minke Whale

They are shorter in size and are small. The word ‘MICKY’ is inspired from the word Minke.

They usually live in the polar water, which means they survive in the coldest region  of the planet.


Gray Whales

Gray whales do the longest migration on earth from north to south. They even cross equator while migration.

Newborn whales of these species is 900kg


The Killer Whale

The killer whales are most social whales. They travel in a group called pods


Killer whale with a pod

Killer whales (Also called Orcas) slaughter great white sharks for their liver.

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