The word Squirrel comes from the Greek word ‘Skiouros’ meaning “Shadow Tail”. There are around 280 species of squirrels and they live on every continent except in Australia and Antarctica. (Globe🌍 Time!!!)

While squirrels are famous for their love of nuts, they are actually omnivores – meaning they eat plants and meat.

Squirrels hide their nuts by burying them as preparation for cold weather🥶 when otherwise the food will be scarce. Thanks to their wonderful sense of smell, they usually recover around 80 percent of all the nuts they bury!👍

Squirrels can lose as much as 25% of their cached nuts to thieves! Luckily, squirrels have developed some clever tactics to protect their nuts.🥜

If squirrels are suspicious🤨 of thieves, they will also start to hide their nuts in difficult to reach places (like under bushes or in muddy areas).

Fun Facts

👉 Squirrels are born blind. It takes 3-6 weeks before they start seeing.

👉 A squirrel’s front four teeth never stop growing.

👉 Flying squirrels can’t fly like birds but they can glide between trees.

👉 When the feel threatened, they run away in a zigzag pattern to mislead the predator.

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