The Southern Ocean is the fourth biggest (or second smallest) ocean on earth and covers only 6% of the earth’s surface.

The Southern Ocean is comprised of the most Southern water of the world and is also referred to as the Antarctic Ocean, Austral Ocean, South Polar Ocean, and the Great Southern Ocean.

The boundaries of the ocean are not specifically designated because of the disagreement on its existence. Some geographers believe that the waters of the Southern Ocean are really just extensions of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic oceans.

The deepest part of the Southern Ocean is the South Sandwich Trench that is 7,236 meters deep.

During winter half, the Southern Ocean is covered in icebergs and ice. Some of the ice and icebergs break off of the Antarctic ice sheet and float in the waters of the Southern Ocean.

The world’s largest penguin species, the emperor penguin lives on the ice of the Southern Ocean and on the Antarctica continent. Other marine creatures include wandering albatross, fur seals, blue whales etc.

Emperor Penguin




Fur Seal


Blue Whale





The largest invertebrate found on the earth is the giant squid, which lives in the Southern Ocean.

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Below are the Questions from our last post on continents, The Arctic Ocean. Let’s see how much you remember!!!

First, try to answer without the globe or map. Take its help when you’re struggling.

Q1. Locate the island country Iceland.

Q2. Which strait connects Arctic ocean to Pacific Ocean?

Q3. Name two countries on both sides of Bering Strait.

Q4. Locate Labrador Sea. (Hint: It is between Canada and Greenland)

Q5. Locate Baffin Bay. (Near Greenland)











A2. Bering Strait.

A3. United States and Russia.