Scarecrows, as the name suggests, were made to scare off crows and other birds that might ruin the farmer’s crop.🌽

Scarecrows dress in human clothing👕 because it’s the scent of humans that scares the birds!

Scarecrows have been around longer than you think – the first scarecrow🧟‍♂ known to history was made about 3,000 years ago.

They were first made by the Egyptians to protect their wheat fields, especially along the Nile River.🌊

In Britain, there was an actual job for young boys👦🏻 called a “bird scarer” who wandered the fields with bags of stones to throw at the birds.

Fun Facts

👉 There are even scarecrow festivals that take place all over the UK every year!🗓

👉 Japanese farmers hang old rags, meat and fish🐟 bones on their scarecrows. The smell is enough to keep away all creatures, not just birds.

👉 There is a Japanese village called Nagoro which has 35 inhabitants, but over 350 scarecrows.

👉 In both DC and Marvel comics, there is a villainous character named Scarecrow.👻