You must have heard of wrestling but have you ever heard of Oil Wrestling?😳 We bet you haven’t. Also known asgrease wrestling, it is considered to be a national sport of Turkey. The wrestlers will douse themselves with olive oil before they take on their opponent. Guess they like oil too much!!!🤷‍♀
Geographically, Turkey sits in two continents, Europe and Asia, although around only 3% of its land is on the Europe side.😲
Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey,🇹🇷 but it is not the capital, Ankara is, in fact, the capital of Turkey.
Globe Time!!!🌍
Locate Asia, Europe, Turkey, Ankara and Istanbul. Also notice a small sea body called strait of Bosporous, which divides Asia and Europe.
Turks are very fond of tea. 96% of the population drinks at least 1 cup of tea☕ per day. Well, we’d like to stick to just milk.
The currency used in the country is called the Turkish Lira.💰 They also have their own language, Turkish, which gives them their identity.
Fun Facts
👉 Istanbul is the only city to be built on two continents. It is mostly located on the Asian continent but a small percentage of the total city is also located in Europe.👍
👉 Well, your favorite fictional character Santa Clause🎅 (Originally St Nicholas) was born in Turkey and not on North Pole. (Our life has been a lie!!!)😭
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