The Indian Ocean is the world’s third largest ocean. It covers 20% of the Earth’s surface.


It is named after India as in ancient times, India was an important location which connected Europe with the countries of Southeast Asia. However, the Indian Ocean was earlier known as the ‘Eastern Ocean’ or ‘Eastern Star.’



The Indian Ocean is considered to be a ‘closed ocean,’ when compare to other oceans of the world because it is landlocked (surrounded by land) to its north by Asia.



An underwater mountain ridge called the Ninety East Ridge acts as a divider between the eastern and western regions of the Indian Ocean.




Suez Canal in Egypt, the Strait of Malacca between Malaysia and Indonesia are the two most well-known waterways in the Indian Ocean.



The lowest point of this Ocean is located in the Java Trench which is about 7,258 meters deep.



Due to the melting of polar caps, the Indian Ocean actually grows wider by about 20cm every year.


About 40% of the world’s supply of oil is obtained from the depth of the Indian Ocean, while more than 80% of the world’s sea trade in oil is transported through the Indian Ocean.


The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean in the world. As a result, the ocean is not favorable to marine (sea) life when compared to other oceans of the world.



Pick up the globe and get going!!!


The questions are in increasing level of difficulty!


Q1. Which city is closest to Andaman and Nicobar?


Q2. Which water body (part of Indian ocean) touches Pakistan?


Q3. Locate Ganga-Brahmaputra delta.


Q4. Locate Mauritius.


Q5. Locate Madagaskar, a large island in Indian Ocean.





Below are the Questions from our last post on continents, The Atlantic Ocean. Let’s see how much you remember!!!


First, try to answer without the globe or map. Take its help when you’re struggling.


Q6. Locate state of Gibraltar (it connects Atlantic ocean to Meditarranean sea).


Q7. Which of the following countries do not touch Baltic Sea: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Madagaskar, and Latvia.


Q8. English channel is a famous water body between which two countries?


Q9. Locate New York, large city overlooking at Atlantic Ocean.


Q10. What is the shortest route between Pacific ocean and Atlantic Ocean?













A1. Port Blair.


A2. Arabian Sea.










A7. Madagaskar.


A8. England and France.




A10. The Panama Canal.