The Holocaust was the genocide💀 of the European Jews during the IInd World War by Germany’s Nazi regime.

These killings were carried out through mass shootings, gassing💭 in chambers and other brutal ways.

The reason behind it was the hate😠 towards the Jews for being responsible for the killing of Jesus Christ.

Also, there was a belief among the Nazis that Jews were their primary rivals⚔ for world domination.




Backdrop of it


Holocaust’s roots may be traced🔍 from the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Germany’s Chancellor in 1933.



Around 1938, his Nazi regime stepped up✊ its anti-Jew agenda by starting isolating Jews from the civil society.

They were forced to relocate to ghettos.





Jewish businesses were boycottedđŸš« and their buildings were ransacked and set on fire throughout Germany.



Camps of Horrors



By 1940, the Nazis who had đŸ’Șoccupied a substantial part of European territory built a network of concentration camps for Jews.

Soon thousands of such camps and other detention sites were established😧 across German-occupied regions.

Victims were brought in trains🚃 from across Europe where they were subjected to extreme labour.



Even medical experiments👹‍⚕ were conducted on thousands of camp inmates, as a result of which many of them died.



The rest were gassed to death😱.

The most infamous of such camps was Auschwitz.



The killings continued until the defeat of Germany in May 1945🗓.


Inconceivable Death toll


Between 1941 and 1945, about six million Jews were systematically murdered👿 by the Nazis.

This figure was around 2/3rds of Europe’s total Jewish population.




After the end of the World War II, the victorious✌ Allied forces set up military tribunals to prosecute the Nazi political and military leaders responsible for this genocide.

These trials, called Nuremberg Trials🏛 (they were held in Nuremberg) indicted many of them for crimes against humanity and 👉sentenced them to death.