While some people might hate the croaking of the frogs, there are others who love watching these interesting creatures bouncing here and there.
Frogs are amazing. They go from living completely underwater to an animal that breathes air. Did you know that frogs breathe in two ways? They breathe like us through their nostrils but they also get the other half of their air through their skin.

Have you ever noticed that frogs have wet skin? This is the reason they prefer to come out in the wet and dark environment. This helps them to roam around without getting dried out. Frogs cant live in dry places

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Lightning and thunder

One of the things that cannot be missed in the monsoons is the lightning and thunder that comes with it.

Next time, there is a thunder, do notice that you see the lighting before you hear the sound of it. Reason!!! Because light travels faster than sound

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Imagine it has just rained heavily and the sun has started to come out from behind the clouds. You look out the window and you see a beautiful sight – a rainbow. Aah! What a treat to the eyes.
Rainbows are a miracle of nature that are caused when sun rays hit water droplets. Have you ever noticed that the rainbow always appears in that section of the sky which is directly opposite to the sun? Do notice the next time you see a rainbow.

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You must have seen this creature crawling around in your backyard. This can be found anywhere except in extremely cold or dry places.
Sure, earthworms might seem gross. But believe it or not, worms are actually very helpful creatures in a lot of ways.
When the rain hits the ground, it creates vibrations on the soil surface. This causes earthworms to come out to the surface. Earthworms find it easier to travel across the surface of the soil when it is wet, as they need a moist environment to survive.

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It’s a bright, sunny day and you decide to hang out with your friends near the pond. You notice something wiggling around in the water near the pond’s edge. You move closer to get a better look and see what look like hundreds of oval blobs using their squirmy tails to swim around. You’re looking at tadpoles!

A tadpole is the young, early form of a frog that usually hatches from an egg the mother frog lays in water.

Paddy Fields

Because rice needs so much water to grow, it is usually farmed in places that receive a lot of rainfall.