You’re listening to your favourite music🎶 band and enjoying the night sky. You see so many stars but would you believe if we tell you that even stars have their own bands? Not like our musical ones, of course!😁

Just like we call a group of musicians🎸 a ‘band’, a group of stars is called a ‘constellation’. A band creates music and a constellation displays different images. Let’s try to understand them.🤓

A constellation of stars⭐ can be defined as a group of visible stars that form a pattern when viewed from Earth.🌎 This pattern can be in any shape.

Scientists👩‍🔬 currently recognize 88 different constellations in the sky. These constellations depict animals, objects, and mythological characters.

Your ability to see different constellations also depends on what time of year it is. This is because the Earth🌍 rotates, allowing some constellations to become visible during different seasons.

People who observe objects in the sky, called astronomers,🔭 use the constellations to better map out the different regions of the sky.

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