A photograph means painting of light. The people who click photographs are known as photographer. They use a tool to click a photograph called a camera.

The camera was originally named camera obscura. It means a dark box that captures light. There are different genres such as landscape, portrait, architectural, weddings, wildlife, and fashion.

Landscape – If you living near hills and mountain there will be a lot of pictures to click. You can freeze the nature around you in one picture.


Portrait – You can click Portrait anywhere, you just need a perfect setting and person whose picture you want to click. The photo must seem candid, meaning it was not planned.


Fashion – The photograph which displays stylish clothes and items. You just need a model, stylish clothes and you are ready to go.


Architectural – This is the photography that captures monument or a building. It will just take a visit to the nearby building or the skyscraper.

Figure 1: A railway Station in Ruins


Figure 2 : The ruin of a Fort


Wildlife – The wildlife is a kind of photography where we capture animals in photograph. Whenever you go to a wildlife sanctuary don’t forget to carry your cameras to capture racing deer and running horses.


Fun Fact

The first photograph was taken in 1838. Guess how old the cameras would be.

Originally people didn’t use to smile while clicking photography. They used to click pictures that were candid.


First underwater picture was clicked in Florida Keys, USA.


World’s most expensive photograph was sold for $6.5 million. Named ‘Phantom’, It was shot by Peter Lik.


19 august is celebrated as World Photography Day.


Disneyland is the most photographed place on earth .