Albert Einstein’s mother always wanted him to learn violin, which he never liked in the beginning. But later he discovered his love for Mozart and classical music. Once he revealed that his theory of relativity was a musical thought. This shows the importance of parenting practices in raising child’s creative personality.

By the way, congratulations, being a human, your child is already a creative genius. Children are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. That’s why to make a child more creative is like filling an ocean. Every child is born up with a different talent. Our job, being a parent is to retain and develop this quality in our child. There multiple kind of human intelligence and each child is born with some predominant ones. As a parent, it is our responsibility to foster the subservient ones and encourage the dominant qualities to make them a master at it. Developing creativity is all about how to make your child explore different aspects of the world in their own unique way.



Parents, do you know the secrets to equip your children for the age of artificial intelligence. In the near future, all systematic and mechanical jobs are going to be performed by robots. How will you then empower your child to deal with this change? The secret is to develop the creative intelligence of your child. Creativity is a source from where your child will innovate and generate new things. It promotes self- expression in your child.

Creativity is all about freedom of thought without any judgment. This modern era requires man-power with extraordinary creative skills. Therefore, it is necessary to nurture the creative skills in your child for his upcoming future challenges.

Following is the list of some tips, which will help you to develop and nourish the creative intelligence in your child.


ENCOURAGE THEM TO ASK QUESTIONS: “Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked why?” This quote by Bernard Baruch proves us the importance of questioning for the creative intelligence of our children. Questioning always provokes a child’s mind to think and connect the things in his own way.

As a parent, if you want to broaden up your child’s thought process, you should introduce your child to 5W’s and 1H very early. It includes what, why, where, who, when and how. It helps your child to gain precious knowledge with superb analytical skills, which will help him generate his own thoughts and views. This process shouldn’t be one way, being a parent, you should also keep asking your child. It can be done while telling him stories, by asking him to predict the next action of the characters in the story.

VALUES OVERRULES: Forcing your child to follow rigid rules is not an ideal parenting practice. Somehow, if your child starts to follow it, he will only do it to please you, which is not good for his active learning process. Please understand that restricting a child from most of the things does not help his mind grow. No doubt the child will be much disciplined but with it, the doors of infinite imagination and creativity will shut down for him.


ONE PROBLEM WITH VARIOUS SOLUTIONS: Creativity is all about to finding multiple alternate ways to do things.

Your child knows that 2+2 = 4, but does he know 3+1 also equal to 4. It is actually a process of teaching your child about different possibilities to reach on his single goal. It will help your child to understand that there are various ways through which he can solve any problem. Once you’ve fed it in your kid’s mind, your half of responsibility is done to make him creative. Your child will become a good leader with good decision-making ability. Teach your child to observe different aspects for a single material whether it is a problem or question.

DON’T SCOLD THEM FOR THEIR MISTAKES: Mistakes are the portals for the discoveries. The microwave was discovered accidentally. We all know that human being is a puppet of mistakes, but still, most of the parents scold their children for making mistakes. The learning from mistakes is always rewarding because they always add ups experience in our life. Our children are still developing physically and mentally. So, instead of scolding your children, help them to learn from their mistakes.

PLAY WITH THEM:  Playing games with your children always let them feel free and sense of freedom always gives rise to creativity. That’s why Parents should always take out some quality time to play with their children. Your children are very delicate they need your love and time. Dance with them, sing with them and do every silly thing. It will help your children to take out their all negative factors, which are resisting them for developing their creativity.

EXPOSE THEM TO ART & LITERATURE: Exposure of art and literature is very important advice to increase creativity intelligence in your children. Paintings, music, dance, novels, poetries, etc are the never-ending source of learning for developing creativity. A piece of art is an ocean of creative thoughts and ideas. Take your child to an art gallery, painting exhibition, library, music and dance shows on a regular basis. All these fields came into existence because of extremely talented and creative artists. Initially, your child will observe the art and crafts. Slowly and gradually he will explore the meaning in it and you will see a very positive behaviour change in your child.


RICH CONVERSATION WITH YOUR CHILD: When a child gets an environment for a rich conversation with adults, it helps them to have guidance from extremely experienced persons. You should talk about different subjects and different viewpoints to help your child explore this unknown world. Talk to them about science, art, morals, literature; Don’t confine them to boundaries that you decide for them.