Mother Teresa was a humanitarian. This means she did things to help🙏 out other people. Her entire life was fully devoted to helping the poor, the sick, the needy, and the helpless.

The real name of Mother Teresa was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She is best known as ‘the nun that helped the poor’. She was born on August 26, 1910, in Macedonia. (Globe🌎 time!!!)

After living in Macedonia for eighteen years, she moved to Ireland and then to India, where she lived for most of her life.

She always wanted to help people so she left home🏠 to fulfil her mission. She took her vows as a nun and chose the name ‘Teresa’ for herself.

Once Mother Teresa said: “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”

Interesting Facts

👉 She served in Calcutta (now Kolkata) for most of her life and was nicknamed as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for her services to the Calcutta people.😇

👉 After leaving her home at the age of 18, she never saw her family members in her life.😮

👉 In 1979, she was honoured with the world’s highest award, Nobel Award for Peace and became the only women from India to be honoured with the Nobel.😇

👉 In 1980, she was awarded India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna.

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