Watch the video given below and then answer the questions


Q1 – How many kids and how many teachers are there in the picture?

Q2 – What is the color of the kid’s tie?

Q3 – What are the kids carrying on their back?

Q4 – Which among the following is the correct spelling?

– Scool
– Skool
– School

Q5 – What did the nurse put on the kid’s hurt knee?

Q6 – There are 14 students sitting in the class. If 4 more students join them, then how many students will be there in the class?

Q7 – There are 7 people in the classroom including the teacher. The principal called for the teacher along with some students. So, the teacher takes 4 students with her. How many total people are left in the room?

A1 – 4 kids and 2 teachers.
A2 – Blue
A3 – School
A4 – Bag
A5 – Bandage
A6 – 18 (14+4)
A7 – 2 {7-5 (Teacher plus 4 students)}

Activity time – Let’s explore the alphabet Z.

Write down the names of 3 things or animals or places starting with Z.

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